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Actuarial Handbook – Contains articles and Excel models assisting actuaries in performing various actuarial tasks by supplementing ASOPs.

Adams Actuarial LLC is a health actuarial consulting firm whose objective is to assist organizations in coping with actuarial, underwriting, strategic, or mathematical issues in our health care system.

Adams Actuarial LLC is experienced at assisting the following entities:

  • Insurance Companies and Managed Care Organizations – Pricing, underwriting, financial forecasting, budgeting, financial accruals, provider contracting assistance, trend analysis, financial modeling, strategic planning, department processes review, and department organization review
  • Providers (Including Physician Groups, Hospitals, Vendors, Etc.) – Budgeting, forecasting costs, analyzing proposed contracts, and strategic planning
  • Employers, Association Groups, Health Insurance Funds – Rate proposal review, budgeting, claim reserve accrual estimation, postretirement benefits other than pension review and analysis, and strategic planning
  • Auditing Firms – Assistance in reviewing financial statement accruals for actuarial items such as employer claims reserve, rate sufficiency, provider contract agreements, and postretirement medical