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AllMay 8, 2017If I Were President: Bipartisan Health Care Plan (BHCP)
AllFebruary 23, 2017NYS Health Care – Letter to Assemblyman Brian Kolb
AllFebruary 21, 2017Republican Health Care Plan Overview
EJune 13, 2016Determining Whether to Go Self-Insured
AllMay 11, 2016Presidential Candidate Health Care Proposals
E, I, PFebruary 2, 20162016 Monthly Day-of-the-Week Adjustments
AllNovember 14, 2015Objective Analysis of Hillary Clinton’s Health Plan
AllOctober 16, 2015Objective Analysis of Jindal’s Health Plan
AllJuly 6, 2015Politics and Our Health Care System
AllJune 1, 2015Health Care Crisis Facts from
E, I, PFebruary 19, 20152015 Monthly Day-of-the-Week Adjustments
E, I, PDecember 30, 2014ASOP 6 Change Makes No Sense
AllOctober 22, 2014Are Rising Health Care Costs the US’ Biggest Problem, and Should I Care?
E, I, PJuly 1, 2014Adverse Selection
E, I, PFebruary 3, 20142014 Monthly Day-of-the-Week Adjustments
E, I, PDecember 27, 2013Estimated Incurred December 2013
E, I, P,December 2, 2013Estimated Incurred November 2013
E, I, PNovember 5, 2013Estimated Incurred October 2013
COctober 21, 2013Budget Battles: What's Next
E, I, POctober 10, 2013More Accurate Financial Forecasting
E, I, POctober 7, 2013Estimated Incurred September 2013
CSeptember 16, 2013Choosing an Exchange Benefit Plan
E, I, PAugust 30, 2013Estimating Incurred August 2013
CAugust 12, 2013Why a Voucher-Style Program Will Decimate Medicare
E, IAugust 5, 2013Group Underwriting: Setting Renewal Rates
E, I, PJuly 29, 2013Estimating July 2013 Incurred Claims
EJuly 16, 2013Employer Health Care Costs
IJuly 10, 2013Financial Statement Implications for Actuaries From the ACA
E, I, PJuly 1, 2013Estimating June 2013 Incurred Claims
AllJune 12, 2013CMS Innovation Center
E, I, PMay 31, 2013Estimating May 2013 Incurred Claims
AllMay 10, 2013Health Care Reform
E, I, PApril 29, 2013Performing a Cost by Day of the Week Study
E, I, PApril 18, 2013Claims Trend Analysis
AllApril 10, 2013Budget Battles - Spring 2013
E, I, PApril 2, 2013Estimating March 2013 Incurred Claims
AllMarch 18, 2013Health Care Reform
AllMarch 4, 2013Alphonso O'Neil-White Raised HealthNow to Financial Stability
E, I, PFebruary 28, 2013Estimating February 2013 Incurred Claims
AllFebruary 19, 2013Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute
IFebruary 10, 2013Regression Model Shows Lower Insurer Underwriting Results in 2013 and 2014
E, I, PJanuary 28, 2013Estimating January 2013 Incurred Claims
AllJanuary 21, 2013Budget Battle of Winter 2013
E, I, PJanuary 14, 2013Claims Reserve / IBNP / Unpaid Claims Liability / IBNR
AllJanuary 7, 2013Controlling Health Care Costs
E, I, PJanuary 2, 2013December 2012 Monthly Incurred Claims
AllDecember 19, 2012Budget Battle 2012: Effects on the Health Care System
EDecember 10, 2012Postretirement Medical Accrual for Employers
E, I, PDecember 4, 2012November Incurred Claims and Calculating Monthly Estimates
AllNovember 26, 2012Subsidized Premiums for Exchanges in 2014
AllNovember 19, 2012Statistical Analysis to Make Health Care Trends More Accurate
E, I, PNovember 19, 2012Days Study Shows Incurred October 2012 Claims Will Be High